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Why is there flickering when upgrading my factory halogen bulbs to HID/Xenon?

Many cars may get a flickering or strobe effect after installation of a standard HID Kit. This problem is common on vehicles with the CanBUS system or vehicles equipped with day running lights. Install light bulbs with decoders to prevent these problems from happening to you.

HID lights flickering? "Bulb Out" error won't disappear from your dashboard?

Flickering (Strobe Effect): Flickering is caused by the car’s computer detecting a lower current than the car's original factory-installed halogen lights. This causes the computer to turn off the light and retry again, giving the flickering or strobe effect. Install light bulbs with decoders fixes this issue and restores stability to the headlight beams.

“Bulb Out” Error: Many cars have an indicator light to warn if one of the headlights has burnt out. Since HID conversion kits run on a lower current than normal halogen bulbs, your car’s computer thinks that the headlight has burnt out. This will give you a "Bulb Out" or “Bulb Failure” error light in your dash. Install light bulbs with decoders fixes this issue and removes all warning lights.

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